Why Review?

You are Important!

When I was a child, there was nothing more wonderful than finding a new fantasy novel to read. I devoured the works of Edward Eager, Alexander Key, and E. Nesbit. As a young adult, I delved into Tolkien, Lovecraft, and the like. All I could do, though, was read them and maybe recommend them to a friend or two with similar interests. When I started writing fantasy novels, after a long time away from the genre, I was amazed to find that a reader now can do so much more than write a letter care of an author’s publisher.

So often the first advice any writer hears is ‘write what you know’. This is why we get so many novels about struggling authors! But my advice would be ‘write what you love’. If you have a passion for some kind of book, that’s what you need to be pursuing

I think most fantasy readers have a book or two they’re toying with writing in their leisured moments. Most people won’t finish their books, unfortunately, never taking the chance to influence the next generation of authors. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have an impact on the direction of fantasy as it is today.

You can encourage your favorite writer whenever you write a review. I’ve met hundreds of authors in the last 30 years, from names that top the bestseller lists to those who’ve signed their first contract, and all of them feel, to a greater or lesser extent, a lack of faith in their own powers. They have days when they feel that every word they’ve written is weak, tired, or hackneyed. A positive review can give them the impetus they need to keep going and that’s where you come in.

Thanks to the internet, anybody can write a review for their favorite writer’s books. You can encourage him or her to keep going, inspire other readers to pick up their work, and really make a difference in the literary world. It used to be you had to have a newspaper column or a television show to do that…now all you need is the web and enthusiasm.

Go on…write one for somebody who makes you want to read. Say ‘thank you’ and make a writer’s day.

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