The Stone Gods

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Having angered the great god Pan, Eno must leave Greece until the goat-footed one cools off. A job offer in Egypt seems like the perfect opportunity to escape but no assignment is ever as simple as it seems. FaStone Godsmily issues, a depressed pharaoh, and a girl who claims that she and Eno are fated to be married are the least of his problems. The lion-goddess Sehkmet has a score to settle and she’s not about to let a mere possible demi-god get in her way!

Amazon review: “Eno is a hero. Eno is for hire, but this time, the author expands beyond the Greek pantheon into the wonder of ancient Egypt, and the results are fantastic. Braiding humor and very human characters, The Stone Gods is one of those reads that leaves you immensely entertained, more informed about the ancient world, and eagerly awaiting the next book in the series. If I could give this book six stars, I would, because the author hits every note perfectly.

Highest recommendation.”

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