Rivers of Sand

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When Eno is transported by the whim of a god to the desert lands of Mesopotamia, he promptly stops an attempted murder. Dropped into the middle of a demon’s vengeance on a Babylonian goddess, Eno must help tROS WEB PROMO mediumhe endangered citizens of the most infamous city on earth. Soon, he has too many clients, none of whom seem willing to pay him even as much as a shiny stone. But when an all-powerful queen and the Goddess of Desire both demand his services, why haggle over the fee?

With a foolish prince and an incompetent sorcerer by his side, Eno must defeat the demon, stand off an Assyrian army, and escape from his most dangerous predicament yet – being crowned King of Babylon. Monsters he can handle but politics? That’s a beast of a different breed.

Amazon Review:
“I was lucky enough to read Rivers of Sand as a beta read because I am a monster huge fan of the series! I loved every second of this book! It’s right up there with the first one, Hero for Hire and I literally just told my daughter that this is probably my second favorite series all time behind Rice’s vamps.

Eno is such an amazing protag! He’s an absolute blast to ride along with on his adventures because C.B. Pratt delivers humor beautifully with his wit and charm! She has
done an excellent job with the sidekicks as well!”

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