Other Works

Having been an author since 1989 — yikes! — I naturally have a large body of works in several different genres. My Regency Romances can be found under the name Cynthia Bailey-Pratt at Regencyreads.com. Clicking on the button will take you to my personal page there, but visit some of the other classic authors. You’ll find many favorites there, old and ‘new-to-you’.

Regency Reads

My historical romances are to be found at BelgraveHouseBooks.com. Not all of them are available currently but the ones by Lynn Bailey are, including paranormal romances (some of my favorites!).

Belgrave House

Recently, I had a steampunk story published in Clockwork Universe: Steampunk vs. Aliens. The story is ‘The Red Queen and the White’. It received special mention in several reviews.

There is also ‘The Only Girl In The World’ in the I Never Thought I’d See You Again Anthology from Novelists Inc. This one has elements of fantasy.

Clockwork Universe

NINC Anthology




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