Eno’s Way

In response to requests, I put all five books of the series into one ‘boxed set’. Available at Amazon only, and on the Kindle Unlimited program, it is provided free to members…and is only $9.99, less than if you bought all five individually.

“Eno’s Way” is truly the work of an exceptional writer. Ms Pratt writes with great imagination and attention to the nuances of detail without overwhelming the reader into boredom. Eno is an exciting hero who narrates his own story with great clarity, often humorous anecdotes and a sometimes satirical commentary. Each book is a stand-alone adventure that provides a satisfactory conclusion along with a lead into the next story.

Establishing sympathetic, empathetic and, of course, the opposite—cold, merciless and evil characters is a skill in which Ms Pratt excels. I was able to identify, good or bad, with each of the colorful actors in this thrilling new adventure. I hereby nominate Eno as ‘Global Hero of the Year’ for all reading groups and genres.”

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Eno's Way

Eno the Thracian Alt-History Fantasy Adventure Series Home-base