Eno and the Dragon

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Eno has fled from his meddling gods to travel to the far-off land of Ch’in, a country without gods, though with an over-abundance of chatty ancestors. But in the kingdom of Yin-Shang, the ancestors have gone muteEno and the Dragon just as horrendous demons have begun to invade. Eno’s rescue of a young prince drags him into a world of intrigue, both human and supernatural. Despite his distaste for the military, Eno joins the army to lead the fight against the demon scourge, only to find that this battle is not the simple matter it seems. Ianna, Babylonian goddess of desire and Eno’s eternal enemy, is back, eager to become the only goddess in town. Eno also discovers his true love and learns why getting paid in garlic isn’t such a bad deal.

To keep Ianna and her secret ally from overrunning the land with her designer demon-army, Eno is forced to achieve his destiny, however reluctantly. He must find the source of the gods’ power and destroy it, no matter the consequences to himself and those he loves.

Amazon reviews:
“This is the best of the Eno books. Here we finally see all aspects of our hero: his vulnerability, his romantic side, his mysterious background, and his destiny.”

“What a delightful end to the tales of Eno the Thracian. Enjoyed the book a lot and recommend it to all of Eno’s fans. You will not be disappointed.”

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