Dark Mountain

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In DARK MOUNTAIN, Eno the Thracian sets off to find the truth about himself and his possible descent from the gods. Eno becomes involved with a race of people kidnapped from their homeland, forced to toil endlessly to excavate a mountain frDark Mountainom within by the will of a mad philosopher, Malpagorus. Facing his own fears and doubts and the curse of the Great God Pan, Eno finds a woman worthy of his love, danger around every curve, and mushrooms…lots and lots of mushrooms.

Malpagorus thinks Eno is the right man to finish a work hundreds of years in the making, and that he is destined to bring about the destruction of everything the human race has built. For something slumbers beneath the Dark Mountain, a terror that threatens the whole civilized world, and only Eno the Thracian, Hero for Hire, can stop it.

Author David Wind says: “In third book of the journeys of the Hero Eno, he becomes exactly what he should be, a hero of classic proportions. Eno steps up all they way, accepting his responsibilities to the gods for his deeds and misdeeds and then following trough. It didn’t hurt for Eno to have a beautiful consort for a short time and show yet another side of his growing character. The story is populated by gods and their whimsical if not ham handed ways toward mortals, but in the end….Well, read it, you’ll find out.

Great Job! Great fun! Great read!”

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