Hero for Hire

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Got monsters? You need Eno the Thracian! He’s the guy with the answer to your problems, whether they’re as small as a dragonet you need moved to the other side of the mountain or as big as a minotaur wreaking havoc in your palace. He can train your youth for battle, cure your vizier of fatal ambition, or slay hydras (up to seven heads only, please).

new hero amazonAs you may know, there’s a serious hero shortage in Greece at the moment. Most of the more famous heroes have heeded their ancient promises and gone to help out one side or the other in the Trojan War. But the need for heroes hasn’t lessened since the war; if anything it has increased. More monsters than ever are appearing in our blessed islands. If you’re one of the unlucky ones beset by strange beasts, summon Eno the Thracian.

Swift sword…reasonable rates.

In HERO FOR HIRE, armed with his wits and a mysterious sword, Eno must stop the Witch-Goddess Hekate from opening the seventeen doors of Hades to release her zombie army…and find his own way out before becoming her immortal general or, even worse, her lover.

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“C.B. Pratt has penned a rollicking series about Eno the Thracian, the physically over-developed hero-for-hire who romps through the ancient world slaying dangerous beasts, encountering Greek gods, and saving princesses — all with his tongue firmly planted in cheek. Perfect for fans of Rick Riordan.”


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